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Amateur breeding of Persian and exotic cats



by Silvia Borsini and Stefania Muti

Persian & Exotic Cattery

Last update: 01/03/2024

Who we are

In 1994 my daughter asked me to give her a kitten, and in that year Bizet, a white Persian with a special character became part of our family.

On January 5, 2009 Bizet flew on the wings of the rainbow and from that moment I decided to dedicate to him all the puppies that would have been born in my breeding.

Several years have passed, and despite all the difficulties and commitment involved in breeding so that all the cats in the kennel feel cared for and loved and the puppies grow up healthy and happy, I have the same enthusiasm as at the beginning.

In 2014 I met Stefania Muti who contacted me to adopt Zakyntos.

Zaky should have stayed in the cattery, but getting to know Stefania more deeply, I realized that he would have been the right person to collaborate with me to continue in the selection of healthy and beautiful cats.

So I agreed to give her Zaky in co-ownership and from that moment we collaborate in the choices to be made for the breeding.

Our breeding therefore has two offices, one in the province of Ancona where Stefania lives and one in the province of Varese where I live.​